Getting Started

Welcome!  My name is Angela and this is my very first blog!  Although I am just starting, I think I will get the hang of this very quick 🙂  I have always kept a journal and I’m thinking that blogging is quite similar.  Now for the reason I started this blog… photography.

I have always been obsessed with photos.  Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always had a camera, staged “photo shoots” and scrapbooked.  Later in life, my photography got better, my scrapbooking became a regular hobby and I’ve traveled down a much more detailed, creative road.  My obsession must have also grown, because I was officially dubbed the “paparazzi” in my group of friends 😉  As I matured, got more exposure and practiced, I started noticing different, unique things about photo settings and started taking more “artistic” shots, rather than your standard posed ones.  My photo editing improved, allowing me to create legitimate photo “books” and even movies, which tell stories not only through photos, but through music as well.  Between my growing interest and encouraging compliments from others, I kept becoming more and more interested and submersed in the photography world – meeting new people, attending workshops, learning, etc.  Throughout this process, I’ve not only learned a thing or two about the technical stuff, but about composition and how the shooter is truly more important than the camera.

Photography is about finding the little things no one else sees and capturing the shots that tell a story, truly putting you in the moment, when you look at the photo.  These are the moments you wish you could have for life, and through a photo… you can.


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on September 6, 2011.

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