Wicked Tuna Cake

Torte di Venezia’s owner, Karen Venezia, was asked to make a very special cake at the request of a local celebrity of ours and I was fortunate enough to score the gig of photographing it!

Dave and Nancy Marciano’s son, Joseph, was graduating and what kind of cake do you make for a star on National Geographic’s show, Wicked Tuna?  Well, you make a tuna cake 🙂  And yes, Joe’s graduation party, will be featured on the show!

Dave is the captain and owner of the boat, Hard Merchandise, and is a Gloucester tuna fisherman.


Karen is a very talented cake artist, who was the perfect choice for the job!  The detail she decorates cakes with is unreal.


You’ve seen Karen mentioned on my blog a couple times in the past.  We frequently work together, but she really outdid herself this time!  Check out her amazing work on this Wicked Tuna cake….






~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on October 16, 2013.

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  1. Amazing is right!

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