Shannon’s Bridal Boudoir

Shannon got hitched this past weekend!  But before she did, she asked me to shoot her bridal boudoir for a surprise gift for her future hubby (which, from what I hear, absolutely loved his gift) 🙂

This shoot was awesome on so many levels.  It was not only one of the sexiest boudoirs I’d ever shot, but it had so much versatility to it.  In one series of photos, Shannon is the ultimate seductress in a black lace number looking phenomenally sexy.  In another, she is soft and romantic, in all white lace – the ultimate bride.  Yet in another, she is fun and flirty in the “Future Mrs.” booty shorts, lifting weights and giggling thinking about her fitness conscious fiance!

Shannon, you’re a great girl – I had so much fun shooting you – totally laid back and easy-going – open to the sometimes hysterical process of boudoir posing 🙂  Congratulations again and thank you for letting me post a few of these beautiful shots XoXo








~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on October 4, 2013.

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