Baby Jake

Awesome couple, adorable baby – It is my pleasure to introduce Baby Jake 🙂


In case you couldn’t guess Jake’s father, Mike, is a hockey player and one of the biggest Boston Bruin’s fans I’ve ever met!  Given that this little babe has hockey fanatic parents, it only made sense for Jake to get his first pair of skates young 🙂  My favorite part of this shoot was actually the moment when Shauna asked Mike to put the crocheted skates on Jake and he tied them up like they were real skates – adorable!



Mike is also a huge Lost fan.  So much of a fan that he actually got the show’s logo tattooed on his arm!  I’m not a big Lost fan, although I’ve certainly heard of it (who hasn’t?!) and seen a few episodes, but from what I gather the symbol represents the DHARMA Initiative, which was a research project on The Island.  For those of you that are fans, I’m sure you get it 🙂  Baby Jake was also fortunate enough to get a crocheted Lost sweater to match Dad’s tatoo.  God bless these crocheters – so cool!









Congratulations again, Shauna and Mike!!!  Loved every minute of this shoot 🙂


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on February 20, 2013.

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