LoConte Collection Cars – Part III

The final installment of this series covers the collection of antique cars and trucks in the LoConte Collection.  Each and every one has been restored and personalized – it’s a trip!  The garage itself, as well as the entire collection, is so special and unique, just like it’s owner.  I wish him many years of continued collection and happiness 🙂


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on October 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “LoConte Collection Cars – Part III”

  1. Great collection…especially liked the pickups….the images were very nice…
    Like the photos of different elements of the vehicles.

  2. Thank you, David!!!

  3. Being one of the “burns boys” who restores this collection i must say you did a great job, i just came across this,all three parts are cool, if i ever need a photographer i know where ill go great job!!!

  4. Hello, this is a wonderful collection. I have been around trucks all my life and have been in love with antique snow plows since I can remember. Just curious as to if I can see this things personally? Also where this place might be? Thanks! Great pictures by the way!

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