Twilight: A Journey Till Night

Twilight is the period between darkness and the sun cresting on the horizon, either in the morning or at night. There are three distinct phases of twilight – civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight; i.e. dawn or dusk depending on the time of day.  Since I am more of a night owl than I ever was a morning person, this post was started during dusk and yes, I stood outside in the middle of the night (in the rain) to get these shots of the Boston skyline.  If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is 😉

Notice how smooth the water becomes due to the slow shutter speed…  In person, it’s actually much choopier than this!

Right about now, the lights start to “pop” more on night’s sky…

It’s amazing how the naked eye can’t even see the sky’s true color duing this time, but your camera’s lens can!

The water is offically glass through the camera’s lens…

Passing lights on cars and trains at night = awesome 🙂


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on August 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Twilight: A Journey Till Night”

  1. Postcard worthy pictures for sure … just beautiful!! I love how you captured the lights and reflections.

  2. Very well done but I would say you nailed it with shots 8 & 9!!! Most folks would have packed it in by then, but you waited for the magic light!

  3. Ya, I agree – it was worth it 😉 I have more night shots coming soon!

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