Revere Beach

Revere Beach may not be in the same pristine condition as it was 30+ years ago, but it’s still America’s first public beach (est. 1896).  In the past, it was known as the “Coney Island of New England”, but is still considered a National Historic Landmark.  Here is sort of Part II, so to speak, of the National Sand Sculpting Competition, held at Revere Beach.


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on August 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Revere Beach”

  1. The heyday of the “Coney Island” period of revere beach was actually more like 70 years ago. 30 years ago it was at a low point, and has improved considerably in most respects since then.

  2. Thank you for clarifying, Dave – I’m really too young to know either way 😉 All I have is hearsay!

  3. A weird look of the beach…there are no people!!! Love the shots, especially the corvette.

  4. Thanks Bob! Yes, despite the fact that it was a beautiful, HOT day, there weren’t very many people there. They all seemed to be down one particular end of the beach, closest to the vendors 🙂

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