National Sand Sculpting Competition

The 9th Annual National Sand Sculpting Competition was held in July again this year.  It is the largest Sand Sculpting Competition on the East Coast.  Artists from all over the world compete in the competition and over 500,000 people come to see their work!  Check it out….

People’s Choice Award went to a sculptor from Montreal for “Just Skin and Bones”…

Third place went to a sculptor from Florida for “Illusion” below…

“Gore Hound” – amazing detail…

Second place went to a sculptor from Washington for her “Everyone Has a Dark Side” piece…

First place went to a sculpture from Montreal for his “Bee or Not to Be” below…

Absolutely amazing – “Nautical Queen” – sculptor from Rhode Island – quite possibly my favorite…

“The Earth Cries” from a Mexican sculptor from Acapulco…

Every year, there is a big, centerpiece sculpture in the middle of the exhibit.  This is the themed sculpture.  It cannot be voted for, but is more for the public’s enjoyment.  It is considered the “sponsored sculpture” and serves as a “thank you” to all the competition’s sponsors, local businesses and organizations who put the event together.  This year’s sculpture was “The Green Monster” – Fenway park’s notorious left field wall – in tribute to it’s 100th anniversary.  It includes the scoreboard, as well as some of the most famous Red Sox player baseball cards.

Fun fact:  Although hard to see in pictures, in person, some may notice wires sticking out of the top of the sculptures.  At first I thought this somehow assisted in holding the fixtures up.  I was wrong – they serve to keep birds off the sculptures, because when they take off, their claws will actually damage them!  Inside, every sculpture is 100% sand and water, however the outside is sprayed with glue so that the wind doesn’t blow the sand away.  Although the glue is not weatherproof, it helps to slow down the natural process of erosion.


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on August 2, 2012.

6 Responses to “National Sand Sculpting Competition”

  1. Oh my gosh these are astounding!!! Great shots Angela… I can only imagine how they must have looked in person!!!

  2. They’re so talented!

  3. wow great pictures.i really enjoy them thank you

  4. Amazing pics and art!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thank you guys!!!

  6. Really nice. I never saw the exhibit in person and really appreciate getting to see them in your pictures. Nice job. These people are really talented for sure.

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