9/11 Memorial

The National September 11th Memorial at Ground Zero commemorates the thousands of lives lost during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011.  In honor of Memorial Day, I visited this site in NYC, although it’s still currently under construction.

Since the original WTC was more of a “complex”, consisting of several buildings, including the two iconic Twin Towers, the new WTC will also consist of several buildings, most of which were still under construction when I visited the site.  The fully redeveloped WTC will include the Memorial (completed), museum, commercial office space and retail (which are all still under construction).

When the 1 World Trade Center tower is complete (just beyond the North Pool), it will become the tallest building in the United States.

The Memorial Museum will be the site’s focal point.  It will act as many museums do, chronicling the events of that day and it’s associated history.  Another memorial will be built inside the museum to honor the victims as well.  In the atrium of the museum, there are two steel tridents, which can seen today through the glass windows.  These are from the original North Tower, which were recovered and reused.

The 9/11 Memorial opened on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.  It consists of two pools set in the actual footprints of the original Twin Towers – absolutely stunning and humbling at the very same time.  They are the largest waterfalls in North America and unfortunately, pictures just cannot truly depict how unbelievable they really are in person.  In the center of the waterfalls/pools there are giant, literal and symbolic, voids.

The names of the victims are inscribed in bronze around the pools.  Pamphlets can be obtained onsite to direct visitors which sections represent which victims, including first responders, pentagon employees, etc.  The arrangement of the names within in these sections are based on “meaningful adjacencies”, believe it or not.  In other words, they actually reflect where the victims were on 9/11 and the relationships they shared with others who were lost that day, frequently honoring requests from the victim’s families for specific names to be next to one another, making it all that more special.

Another unique element to the memorial is the Survivor Tree.  It is the only remaining tree left standing from the attacks.  The tree is still currently being nursed back to health and now stands just west of the South Pool.  “It embodies the story of survival and resilience that is so important to the history of 9/11”.

Here is the official 9/11 Memorial Guide online:  http://names.911memorial.org/


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on June 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “9/11 Memorial”

  1. Love these photos. I cannot wait to visit the Memorial myself.

    • Thank you! You’ll love it – somber expeirence, but spectacular site. Everytime I go to NYC, I “check-in” on it to see its various stages of construction and I can finally say, that the point it’s at now, it is truly breathtaking.

  2. Fantastic photos Angela, but as you said in the comment above… a somber experience. It must have been tough to focus…no pun intended. You have documented this extremely well!!!

  3. Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Must have been a very humbling experience being there and taking the shots

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