Playa del Amante

Playa del Amante or Lover’s Beach is located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  It is the dividing point between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, which means some intense waves and currents!  It also referred to as “Land’s End” in Mexico.  The only way to reach the beach is by boat, as it is its own little island, connected to the shore only by rocks.  It’s an extremely popular snorkeling spot due to its high occupancy of fish and coral.  Many tourists will take glass bottom boats out to the beach just to observe the giant population of colorful fish, literally swimming on the surface of the water, in huge schools.  It’s a scene that cannot be described by a photo!  However, where there is an abundance of fish, there is also an abundance of predators…

Pelicans, seals and sometimes even sharks patrol these waters.  I was able to shoot some pelicans at their local hang out spot, but no seals despite hovering around Seal Rock for quite some time.  They were definitely visible swimming by in the water, but extremely difficult to capture photographically.  And luckily, no sharks 🙂  The pelican’s colored feathers blend into the rocks so well, that you almost miss them, even though you are sailing extremely close to the rock that they are perched on.  It may even take a second look at the photo below to catch them!

Despite, the obviously breathtaking ambiance of Lover’s Beach itself, the rock formations and caves surrounding the beach are incredible as well.  The sand it a soft, creamy pinkish color and the rocks are absolutely towering.  For those brave enough to venture into the caves, pirate’s graffiti can still be found!

Here is an aerial shot from the to help better illustrate the beach and the surrounding rocks from a different perspective….


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on May 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Playa del Amante”

  1. These pictures are beautiful!! Makes you want to be there. The beach looks breathtaking.

  2. Great photos and it looks like a neat place to visit!!!

  3. It is! Very safe and clean 🙂

  4. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place.

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