Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties seem to be the latest rage.  For those of you who have never heard of this concept, allow me to explain 🙂  When two new parents are expecting a child, as most of you know, you cannot find out the sex of the baby until about 20 weeks.  When parents choose to find out the sex ahead of time, rather than waiting for the baby to be born, a scheduled ultrasound can reveal the surprise.  What a lot of couples are now, more recently, choosing to do, is to have the results written down rather than verbally revealed during the session.  This enables the couple to do the actual gender revealing in a menagerie of ways…

This particular couple (The Kohrs), choose to bring the secret written gender results to a baker (Torte di Venezia) the following day.  The baker then constructed a small, replica wedding cake with a hidden, dyed, layer of butter cream on the inside.  The goal being, when the happy couple cut into the cake, they would reveal the gender colored butter cream layer (pink or blue)!  The extra step was then taken to also create a couple dozen cupcakes with the same butter cream filling.  By doing so, the guests could also break into their mini desserts at the same exact time the new parents cut into their cake, therefore making the excitement simultaneous among all the party goers!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the party to help tell the story of the night…

And now for the big results…….

Check out Torte di Venezia’s site and the hundreds of other spectacular cakes they’ve baked!


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on October 26, 2011.

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