Zina & The Girls

Once again, I had another opportunity to tag along with Ashley to another makeup / photo shoot.  Zina had wanted some shots that she could have printed and framed in her new home.  Same as before, I sort of documented the day and all the prep that goes into makeup, hair, etc.  Another plus to this shoot was that it wasn’t just an adult photo shoot, but four beautiful little girls as well.

Once again I got to appreciate the need for speed – these little gals never stopped moving!  They were interested in watching how the makeup was done on one another, they were anxious to get into their dresses and even more anxious to get them dirty 🙂  Some were shy and some were outgoing.

The one thing I took away from this shoot was that, it’s best to work with what you have.  If there is a shy one, don’t pressure them, try to catch them when they don’t know you’re watching.  If there are silly, outgoing ones, encourage them to be themselves – silly faces and all.  But most importantly, don’t worry about the one that isn’t doing what they are supposed to, whatever that may be.  I found that the cutest moments were actually when one wasn’t listening to their mom and was running mock or not paying attention, because they were so interested in what the other was doing, etc.  It’s the little moments with kids.

At first, they were all a little hesitant, and shy, but by the end, they were loving it!  Some even starting suggesting poses to ME 🙂  Another important factor, regardless of who you are shooting, is a comfort level.  It has to be established before people actually act like themselves and that’s what you what to capture.  That is exactly why I went early, hung around, chatted with everyone – just got them use to me being there.  It absolutely worked.


~ by Angela DeSimone Photography on September 22, 2011.

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